Twelfth Night

In the kingdom of Illyria a nobleman named Orsino and lady Olivia lives. Lady Olivia does not mourning over the death of her brother. She refuses o entertain any proposalsof marriage. A storm has caused a terrible shipwreck. Viola is swept on to the illyain shore. She thinks her twin brother Sebastian has been drowne in the wreck. Viola decides to work in Olivia’s home. She changes herself in a man, taking on the name of cesario.

Viola(disguised as cesario) quickly becomes a favourite of orsino, who makes cesario his page. Viola finds herself in love with orsino. But when Orsino sends cesario to deliver Orsino’s love message to Olivia,  Olivia herself falls in love with cesario. Uncle Toby is a drunkard man in oliia’s home. Malvolio is servant of Olivia. He gives orders to uncle Toby and his friend sir Andrew. They decide to take revenge to Malvolio. Maria makes joke with Malvolio, and writes a letter In which she shows that Olivia loves malvolio. Malvolio finds the letter assumes that Olivia loves him. He becomes happy. He behaves so strangely that Olivia comes to think that he is mad.

Sebastian who is still alive and arrives in Illyria with the heep of his friend and protector, Antonio. Antonio cares for Sebastian so much so that he follows him to orsino’s domain. He knows that orsino’s is hisold enemy. When sir Andrew notices that Olivia falls in love with cesario, he starts fighting with cesario. When Sebastian who looks like disguised viola, appears on the olivia’s land.

When Olivia see Sebastian she asks him to marry her. Sebastian becomes shocked because he has never seen her beore he sees, that she is beautiful and wealthy, he is therefore more than willing to go along with her. When Antonia has been arrested by Orsino’s officers. He requestes to cesairo for heep. Knowing that he is Sebastian. But viola denies knowing Antonio. Antonio becomes sad at thia behavior.

Eventually, viola and orsino make their way to olivia’s house, where Olivia welcomes cesaro as her husband, thinking him to be Sebastian whom she has married. Orsino is furious, but then Sebastian himself appears and all is revealed to everyone. The twins brother and sister becomes happy. Orsino realizes that he loves viola, now that he knows she is a woman . He proposes to viola. Sir Toby and Maria have also been married. Malvolio comes out from the dark room. The couples celebrate their happiness.

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