To The Light House

To the light house is divided into three sections ”The Window” Time passed and “The light house”. The window opens just before the start of world war 1. Mr Ramsay and Mrs. Ramsay bring their eight children to their summer home in the Hebrides. Six-years-old james Ramsay wants to goto the light house. Mrs Ramsay tells him that they will go the next day if weather permits. James becomes angery but Mr Ramsay talks him coldly that weather is dangerous.

Charles Tansley, admires Mr Ramsay’s work as a metaphysical philosopher. Lily Briscoe a young painter who begins a portrait of Mrs Ramsay. Mrs Ramsay wants Lily to marry William bankes, an old friend of the Ramsays. But Lily wants to arrange another marriage between paul Rayley and Minta Doyle. Paul proposes to Minta, Lily begins her painting at afternoon. Mrs Ramsay soothes the sad jame and Mr Ramsay frets over his short comings as a philosopher.

That evening, Mr Ramsay host a dinner party. Paul and minta are late returning from their walk on the beach with two of the Ramsay’s children. Charles Tansley comments that women can neither paint nor write. Mr Ramsay becomes rude when Carmichael a poet, asks for a second plate of soap. Mrs Rasay leaves her guests in the event has already slipped into the past. Mr Ramsay wants to tell that he loves her. Mr Ramsay knows that Mrs Ramsay loves him.

Time passes more quickly and war breaks out across Europe. Mrs Ramsay dies suddenly one night. Andrew Ramsay, her oldest son is killed in battle and his sister prue dies from an illness related to childbirth. The whole family becomes sad. Ten years pass before the family returns. Mrs Mcivab, the housekeeper employs a few other women to help set the house in order. They rescue the house from decay. Everything s in order whe Lily Brisco returns.

In “The lighthouse” section, time returns to the slow detail of shifting points of view, similar in style to “The Window” Mr Ramsay says that he and james and cam, one of his daughters, will journey to the lighthouse. In the morning, Mr Rasay appeals to Lily for sympathy, but unlike Mrs Ramsay, she is unable top provide him with what he needs. Children becomes happy to see the lighthouse. Across the bay, Lily puts the finishing touch on her painting, and puts her brush down. Finally she achieved her aim.

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