The Winter’s Tale

King Leontes of Sicilia requests his childhood friend, king polixenes of Bohemia, to extend his visit to Sicilia. Polixenes says that he has been away from his kingdom for nine months, but when king Leontes’s wife Hermione, begs him to stay more with them, then Polixenes agrees to stay with them. Leontes is a jealous man, he thinks his pregnant wife has an affair with polixenes. He asks his loyal servant camillo to poision the Bohemian king.

But Camillo warns Polixenes to move away at once from there. The two men flee sicilia immediately. Leontes becomes furious at their escape. He publicly accuses his wife of infidelity. He blames that the child she is bearing must be illegitimate. He send her prison. Then the noble men  protest and sends to the Oracle of Delphi for what he is sure will be confirmation of his suspicions. At that time the queen gives birth to a girl, and her loyal friend Paulina brings the baby to the king, she hopes that he will become soft to see his daughter but he grows angrier, and orders paulina’s husband Antigonus to take the child and throw it in desolate place.

While Antigonus is gone and answer comes from the Oracle of Delphi that Hermione and polixenes are innocent and Leontes will have no heir until his lost daughter is found. Then Leontes son Mamillius dies with grief of his mother. Hermione falls in a swoon and is carried away by paulina.

Antigonus abandons the baby on Bohemian coast, and says that Hermione wants to give the name Perdita to her daughter. Antigonus is killed by bear.Then Perdita is raised by a kind shephered. Sixteen years passes. The son of Polixenes Florizel falls in love with Perdita. His father and Camillo watch Florizel and Perdita are betrothed. Then Polixenes warns Florizel never to see the shephered’s daughter again.

With the heep of Camillo Perdita and Florizel take ship for Sicillia, after using the clothes of a local rogue, Autolycus, as a disguise. There are shephered and his son, a clown, who are directed there by Autolycus.

In Sicillia, Leontes till in morning over his descion. He Florizel pretends to be on a mission from his father, but in reality the plan is different. When Polixenes and Camillo arrive in Siallia then the shepherd tells everyone about the story of perdita where he finds her. Then Leonts realizes that she is his daughter. The entire company goes to Paulina’s house in the country, where a statue of Hermiove has been finished But the statue comes to life and this is amusement for everyone that is present there. In the end Paulina and Camillo are engaged and all the people celebrates the occasion.

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