The Return of the Native1

The Return of the Native

Diggory venn rides onto the health with thomasin yeobright in the wagon. Her marriage with Damon Wildeve was delayed by an error in the marriage certificate. He love Eustacia vye, and to some exent he uses Thomasin to make Eeustacio jealous. When venn learns of the romance between Eustacia and wildeve, his own love for thomasin induces him to intervene on her behalf. But his own marriage proposal to thomasin are unsuccessful.

The Return of the Native1

Then clyn yeabright comes in this confused tangle of lovers. He is the son of strong willed widow Mrs yewbright. She is guardian to thomasin. When Eustacia meets clym. She becomes fall in love with clym, and breaks her relation with wildeve. Wildeve then marries to thomasin. Mrs yeobright does not like Eustacia, she strongly objects on their relationship. But Clym and Eustacia marry to oneanother when wideve hears the news of Eustacia marriage, he again begins to desire her although he is already married to thomasin. After marrying Eustacia, Clym distances himself from his mother.

The Return of the Native2

Eustacia wants to go to pairs with clym. But clym rejects her plan to go top paris. He decides to start a school in his native country. Wildeve and Eustacia begin to spend time together. Diggory venn sees them at a contry dance. Another occasion, when wildeve visits Eustacia at homewhile clym is asllep, then again diggory notices them. During this visit, Mrs yeobright knocks at the door, she has come for a reconciliation with the couple Eustacia becomes frightened and she does not open the door for Mrs yeobright. Mrs Yeobright becomes so sad due to thi behavior of his son on the way, snake bite the Mrs yeobright and she dies.

The Return of the Native3

Clym blames himself for the death of his mother. He and Eustacic separate when he learus of the role of eustacia played in Mrs Geobright’s death. On the stormy night, Eustacia near to drown, wildeve tries to save her, wildeve drowns as well diggory venn save clym from the same fate. Then thomasin marries todiggory a clym’s eye sight become weak due to studies. He vecomes a wandering preacher in his native country.

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