The Mayor of Casterbridge 1

The Mayor of Casterbridge

Michael Henchard is traveling with his wife, susan. He is looking for employment as a hay-trusser. When they stop to eat, Henchard gets drunk, and an auction that begins as a joke but turns serious. Henchard sells his wife and their baby daughter Elizabeth- jane to Newson for five guineas. Next day, Henchard regrets what he has done and starts searching for his wife and daughter.

The Mayor of Casterbridge 1

But he does not find them. He goes to church and swears that he will not drink alcohol for twenty one years. When sailor dies, then susan and Elizabeth jane seek. Henchard when they arrive in casterbridge after eighteen years then they learn that Henchard is the mayor.

Henchard has hired Donald farfrae, a young scotchman as the new manager of his corn business. Elizabeth Jane begins to take interest in farfrae. They spend time together. Henchard does not like this scandle. He asks farfrae to leave his business and Elizabeth jane Henchard remains to susan. But susan becomes ill and soon dies. When henchard discovers that Elizabeth jane is not his own daughter but Newson’s. He becomes cold towards her. Elizabeth jane does not bear such behavior of Henchard and decide to leave his house and live with a lady who has just come in town.

The Mayor of Casterbridge 2

This lady is involved with henchard in susan’s absence. When she hears the news of death of susan, She comes to marry henchard. She meets farfrae who has come to call on Elizabeth jane. Lucetta the lady asks Henchard to return to her  all the letters. She has sent to him, On the way, the messanger jopp stops at an inn. The peasants asks him to open the letter and read alond. Then they have come to know about hencharad and Luceta are romantically involved with one another.

The peasauts decide to make portray of both of them. This event takes place one day when farfrae is not there. Lucetta does not bear such insult, becomes ill and then dies. Then Newson who is actually still alive, comes at henchard’s  door and asks for Elizabeth jane Henchard tells him that she is dead. Then Newson leaves in sorrow. Henchard tells lie to newson about Elizabeth jane. Elizabeth jane spends more time with farfrae. After many days . Elizabeth jane is reunited with newson and learis about henchard’s deceit.

The Mayor of Casterbridge 3

Henchard comes back to casterbridge to see Elizabeth but she humiliate him. He leaves again, and tells her he will not return. But she feels regret what she has done with henchard farfrae and Elizabeth jane start looking for henchard but it is too late. They find that he has died alone in the countryside

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