Tess of the Durbervilles

John Durbeyfield is shocked to learn that he is the descendent of an ancient noble family, the durbervilles. Tess, his eldest daughter moves to the other village to attend the may day dance with village girls. Mr durbeyfield and his wife decide to send tess to the durberville. In reality Mr durbervie is no relation to tess. Alecdurberville Mrs durberville’s son, gives tess a job tending fowls on the durberville estate, Tess has no interest in this job, but she has to accept.

Tess spends several months at this job. Alec starts to seduce her but she prevents him from doing so. Finally Alec take advantage of her in the woods at night. Tess knows she does not love Alec. She returns home and gives birth to Alec’s child, she gives the name sorrow sorrow dies soon after he is born, and tess’s life becomes so miserable at home. She finally accepts a job as a milkmaid at the Talbthays Dairy.

Tess enjoys a period of contentment and happiness at talbothays. She makes three friends- Iz, Retty, and Marian, and meets a man named Angel Clare Tess and Angel slowly fall in love. They become close to eoclother. She accepts his proposal of marriage. But her conscience pricks her . She thinks that she should tell Angel about her past. She writes him a confessional note and slips it under his door. But the note slides under the carpet and Angel never sees it.

Angel and tess both confess indiscretions. Angel tells Tess about an affair he had with an older woman in London and Tess  tells Angel about her history with Alec. Tess forgives Angel, but Angel cannot forgive Tess. He gives her some money and goes to Brazil. He tells Tess he will try to accept her past but warns her not to try to escape him until he comes for her.

One day, Tess meets a wandering preacher and becomes shocked to know he is Alecdurberville. He is converted to Christianity by Angel’s father, The Reverend clare. Alec begs Tess never to tempt him again. He again requests to marry him. Then Tess’s family is in trouble. Her mother is near to death. Alec offers help, but she refuses to accept. Tess becomes angry at Alec. She goes upstairs and stabs her lover to death. When the landlady finds Alec’s body, she raises an alarm, but Tess has already fled to find Angel.

Angel agrees to help Tess They hide out in an empty mansion for a few days. When they come to Stonehenge, Tess goes to sleep, But search party discovers Tess. Tess is arrested and sent to Jail. Black flag is raised over the prison shows Tess’s execution.

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