Pride and Prejudice

Charles Bingley is a wealthy young gentleman. The Bennets have five daughters, jane, Elizabeth, mary, kitty, and Lydia. Mrs Bennets is very worried about them. She wants to see them all married. Mr Benet goes to Mr Bingley’s ball party with his daughters. Mr Bingley dances with jane and spends much of time with her. His friend Mr Darcy is less pleased and refuses to dance with Elizabeth, which makes him arrogant.

Friendship with Mr Bingley:

After many meeting, Mr Darcy finds himself attracfed to Elizabeth’s charm and intelligence Jane’s friendship with Mr Bingley lasts for several months. On the way to Mr Bingley Jane is caught in down pour and catches il Elizabeth arrives at Mr Bingley, Charles Bingley’s sister who is very arrogant. She notices that Darcy payes quite a bit of attention to Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth and jane return home, Mr Collins is present there. He has come to inherit Mr Bennet’s property because Mr Bennet has no son. He makes proposal to Elizabeth she turns him down woundring his pride. Wickham is a young soldier who is friendly towards Elizabeth and tells her how Darcy cruelly cheated him out of an inheritance. At the start of winter, bingley and Darcy go to London, this news shocks jane because she love Bingley. Mr Collins has become angaged to charlotte Lucas. Charlotte is Flizabeth’s  best friend she tells her that she needs a better match for financial reason.

Shocking Proposal:

One day Darcy makes a shocking proposal of marriage but Elizabeth quickly refuses. She tells Darcy that she considers him arrogant and rebukes him for steering Bingley away from jane and disinheriting wicknam. Dercy leaves and writes a letter which he admits that he has done all, but he is sincere with her. He wants to marry her. This letter changes the feeling of Elizabeth. Lydia marries to wickham and returns to longbourk where Mr Bennet treats them coldly.

Then Bingley comes to netherfield and resumes his courtship of jane. Darey goes to stay with him and shows no desire to marry Elizabeth. Bingley proposes to jane and everyone is happy except Bingley’s naughty sister. Lady Catherine wants that Elizabeth refuses this proposal, saying she is not engaged with Darcy. A little later, Elizabeth and Darcy go out for wall. He tells that his feelings for her is not changed. She warnly accepts his proposal and both jane and Elizabeth are.

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