Mrs Dalloway a story of women’s Life

Clarissa Dalloway, an upper class house wife, she makes preparations for the party at evening. She walks through her London neighbourhood. When she returns from flower shopping an old lover and friend peter welsh, meets her. They meet with each other and intertwines with their thoughts of the past, year’s earlier. Clarissa refused pater’s arriage proposal. But pater has never quite gotton over it. Peter says Clarrisa she is happy with her husband Richard before she gives answer, her daughter Elizabeth enters the room. Peter leaves and goes to Regent;s part.

Septimus a veteran of wrld war I who was injured n trench warfare and now suffers from shell shock. Septimus nd his wife Lucrezia sit in the Regents park. They wait for septimu’s appointment with sir William bradshaw a celebrated psychiatrist. Septimus was a young poet before the war. He become numb to the horrors of war, when his friend Evans died. The effects of war on septimus is very bad, and he has serious mental problems. Sir William plans to separate septimus from Lucrezia and send him to a mental hospital.


Richard Dalloway eats lunch with hugh witbread and lady burton, members of high society. After lunch, Richard returns home to clarissa with a bunch of roses. He wants to tell her that he loves her but he cannot do so. She gives value to privacy in her marriage, considering it soul part of successful marriage life. Clarrisa does not like her daughter’s history teacher Miss Kilman. But Elizabeth is very attached to her teacher.

Meanwile septimus and Lucrezioa are enjoying in their home, then a man comes to take septimus to the asylum. Setimus fears the doctor will destroy his soul. In order to avoid his fate, he jumps from the window to his death. Peter hears the ambulance go by to pick the dead body of septimus. He goes to clarrissa’s party where most of the novel’s major characters are present clarissa works hard to make her party successful.

Sir William brodshow arrives late, and his wife tells that one of his patients the young septinus has committed suicide. She understands that his whole life as overwhelmed with sorrow. She feels sorrow over septimus’s death. Now the party becomes to end and guests begin to leave. Clarissa fills her heart with happiness in the presence of peter.

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