Merchant of Venice

Antonio, is sad and he cannot explains his feelings to his friend. His friend Bassanio nees money to court Portia, a rich heiress who lives in the city of heiress who lives in the city of Belmont. Bassanio asks Antonio for a loan to travel in to portia’s estate. Antonia agree, but he is unable to give loan himself because his money is invested in a number of trade ships that are all at ea. Antonio suggests Bassanio that one of the city’s money lender shylock will give him loan.

In Belmont, Portia expresses sadness over her father’s will, that she must marry the man who chooses correctly one of the three caskets. Then Antonio and Bassonio go to shylock for loan. Autonio  says to shylock give him loan with out any interest. Shylock gives three thousand ducats with no interest. Shylock adds that if the loan is not pad, Shylock will be entilled to a pound of Antonio’s own flesh. Antonio agrees.

Shylock’s daughter Jessica schewes to elope with Antonio’s friend Lorenzo. Bassanio and his friend Gratiano leave for Belmont to win’s Portia’s hand. In Belmont, prince of Morocco comes first to choose the casket to marry her. But the prince chooses gold one which is wrong. Then prience of Arragon also visits Portia. He also chooses wrong silver casket. Then Bassanio come ad choose the right casket which is made of lead. He and Portia rejoice. Gratiano says that he falls in love with Nerissa. Portia gives Bassanio a ring as a token of love.

But they hear the news that Antonio has lost his ships he has forfeited his bond to shylock. Bassanio and Gratiano travel to venice to save Antonio’s life Portia tells Nerrissa that they will go to venice disguised as men.

Shylock ignores all the requests to forgive Antonio. The duke of venice announces that he has sent to a legal expert, who turns out to be Portiadisguised as a young man, of law. Portia asks shylock to show mercy. But he remains inflexible. Bassanio offers twice the money due him but shylock insists on collecting the bond as it is written. Portia reads the contract and says it is illegal to shed a single drop of blood of any person. Portia with her wisdom solve the matter and save Antonio’s life.

Bassanio thanks to Portia as he does not know her in disguise. The two women return to Belmont, where they find Lorenzo and Jessica declaring their love when Bassanio and Gratiano arrive the next da, their wives accuse then of faithlessly giving their rings to other women. Portio reveals that she was in fact the law clerk and both she and Nerissa reconcile with their husband. The joyful news arrives that Antonio’s ships come back safely. They celebrate their good fortune.

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