Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Connie Reid the female protagonist of the novel She is grown in cultured bohemian of the upper middle class. She is famous of making love affairs. She marries to Clifford Chatterley. After a month’s honeymoon, he is sent to war and returns paralyzed.

After the war, he becomes a successful writer. He is busy in her writing connie feels isolated. She starts to make love affair with visting play wrght, Michaelis. She wants to fulfil her sexual desires. There is a growing distance between connie and Clifford. A nurse, Mrs Bolton, is hired to take care of paralyzed Clifford so that she remains free from her duty.

Oliver Mellors, who is gamekeeper on clifford’s astate returns from serving in the army. He is aloof and connie becomes more attracts towards him. After many chance meetings in which mellors keeps distance from her. But one day, they meet in a hut where they have sex. This happens on several times but connies still feels a distance between them.

One day, Connie and Mellor meet accidently in the woods,and they have sex on the forest floor. This time, they feel more pleasure. This is the moving experience for connie. She begins to admire mellor’s feeling that they havconnected on some deep sensual level. She is proud to belive that she is pregnant with mellor’s child. She considers him real living man as opposed to her husband.

Connie goes away to venice to spend holidays. When she is gone, mellore’s old wife returns and causing a scandal. When connie returns she friend that mellor’s wife creates problems for him. Negative rumors spread about him by his wife. Connie admits to Clifford that she is pregnani with Mellor’s baby, but Clifford refuses to give her a divorce.

Mellor is working on a farm, waiting for his divorce connie is living with her sister. She also hopes that Clifford will give her divorce, and she will start a happy life with Mellor.

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