King Lear1

King Lear

King Lear is one of the most famous drama of Shakespeare. King Lear is king of Britain and in the start he decided to divide his kingdom. “Gloucester” and Kent are very kind and sincere with king Lear. Lear enters his throne room and commands his daughters  to say which of them  loves him the most.He had three daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. His older daughters  Goneri l and  Regan says with Flattery that they love him more than anything else. But cordelia, does not speak. She says that she loves him as much as a daughter should love her father. Lear because furious at Cordelia’s answer. He divides his kingdom among his two older daughters and rejects cordelia.

King Lear1

The ear of kent, who is only nobleman in the court disagree with Lear’s decision. Kent tells lear that he is mentally ill to reward the flattery of his older daughters and gives nothing to cordelia. Then Lear turns his anger on kent and banishing him from castle. Then king of France who proposes cordelia that he wants to merry her without her property. She accepts his proposal. After that Lear realizes that he takes bad decision. Because Goneril and Regain do not take care of their father.They are busy in their life. Both are very tricky and  gready. Lear becomes mentally ill he decides to move towards his elder daughter Goneril  but she refuses to take care of his father.

Regan also reuses.On this behavior, Lear becomes sad and repeat on his action. An elderly noble man Glouceste also faces such family problems. His bastard son Edmund tricks him into believing  that his own Edgav is trying to kill him. Edgav disguise himself as a beggar and calls himself “Poor Tom” Like Lear, He goes into the heath.

When loyal Gloucester realizes that Lear’s daughters have turned against their father, then he decides to help Lear. When Regan and her husband Cornwall comes to know that Gloucester is keeping the Lear, then thay accuse him of treason and blind him Gloucester is also wandering out to the couutryside. He comes to that place where his disguised son Edgar. In the same city of Dover, Where Lear has also been brought.

In Dover, a French army whose Leader is Cordelia trying to save his father . Edmund ironically becomes romantically involved with both Regan and Goneril whose husband Albany is increasingly sympathetic to Lear’s cause.Goneril and Edmund make a plan to kill Albany.

They sad loucester tries to commit suicide, but Edgar save him. Then the English army reach Dover, and the English, led by Edmund, defeat the cordelia, led French. Lear and Cordelia are captured. In the end, Edger duels with and kills Edmund, we hear the news of Gloucester’s death , goneril poisons Regan in jealousy over Edmund and then kills herself when her deceptive us shows on Albany. Cordelia leads execution in prison, and Lear finally dies out of grief at codelia’s death. Albany, Edgav and the elderly Kent are survived to take care of country.

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