Jazz A Love Triangle

There is love triangle between violet, joe, and Dorces videt and joe are not satisfied with one another. They are living together in Herlem but are not happy joe sells ladies cosmetics. He fell in love with a seventeen years old girl named dorcas. They both meet when joee comes to Docas’s aunt to sell cosmetics. Their affair lasts for several months. Joe wants to get a empty house where he and Dorcas can meet. Violet does not know about his affair. Dorcas’s aunt also does not about her affair.

Joe brings presents for Dorcas every time they meet. Dorcas begins to get tired of the older man. She starts to make her other boy friend, and making up excuses not to meet with joe. When joe becomes angry at her then she tells him that he makes her sick. She cannot bear him anymore. Dorceas wants the attention of young beautiful boy Acton with whom she dances at the party.

Jazz A Love Triangle1

Darcas knows that joe will come to see her in the party. When joe arrives, then he is surprised to see that dorces is dancing with acton. He cannot bear this. He brings a gun and shoots Dorcas in the shoulder Dorcas tells the witnesses not to call an ambulance and dies. Every one knows that joe shot Dorces and the rumor of their affair begins to spread in the society.

Jazz A Love Triangle2

Violet appears unexpectedly at Dorcas’s funeral and slashes Dorcas’s face with a knife. After some times, she visits to Dorcas’s mourning aunt. Alice Manfred and they develop their friendship because they both face tragedy. After Dorcas’s death violet and joe, start their relation ship again. In fact, violt belongs to a poor family. Her grandmother True Belle, come from Baltimore to live with them. After that her mother committed suicide. Joe also belongs to poor family. He is orphan chil. He raised by adoptive parent. Joe and violet met in a town called Palestine where they were working in the field Then They married to another and moved to herlam.


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