Emma Wood House

Emma is a twenty years old living in the village of Highbury. She considers herself a perfect match maker. Her governess and Mr Weston marries to each other. Emma takes it upon herself to find an eligible match for her new friend Harrief smith. She does not know her parentage and considers she deserves a wealthy youngman. Mr Elton a village vicar, she considers Mr Elton is perfect for Harriet. Emma persuades Harriet to reject the proposal of Rovert Martin whom Harriet clearly has feelings.

Emma’s plans

Harriet becomes ready for Mr Elton on Emma’s encouragement. But Emma’s plans go away when Elton makes it clear that he has feelings for Emma and not for Harriet. Emma becomes sad at this news. Mr knightly who is Emma’s brother in law watches Emma’s match makeing effort with a critical eye. He belives that Mr Martin is a worthy youngman whom Harriet would be lucky to marry. Emma starts to look for another perfect match for Harriet. Franic Churchill is set to visit his fatherin Highbury after having been raised by his aunt and uncle in London. Emma does not know about frank.

Mr Knighting is curious of the youngman especially after frank rushes back to London merely to have him hair cut. Emma finds herself flattered and engaged in a flirtation with young man. Emma meets jane fairfar, she does not like her. Jane is beautiful .Emma is jealous of jane. Mr knightly defends jane because he considers jane has no power and property as Emma has. If jane is not married to a wealthy youngman then she has to leave home to work as a governess.

Fallen In Love

Everyone assumes that frank and Emma have an attachment but Emma say, that frank is best for Harriet. The next day, Frank saves Harriet from Gypsy beggars. When harriet tells Emma that she has fallen in love with a man above her social station , Emma believes that she means frank knightly suspects that frank and jane has an affair with one another. Emma laughs at knightley’s approval when she flirts with frank and insuits Miss bates, a kind hearted spinster and jane’s aunt.

Frank’s aunt has died and frank and jane have been secretly engaged. His attentions to Emma is nothing. Frank marry jane, the woman he loves. Emma worries that Harriet will be crushed once again. But soon Emma thinks that Mr Knightley will marry Harriet. But Mr Knightley shows that he has love for Emma and not for Harriet. Then Harriet accepts the second proposal of Robert Martin. In the end , Emma marries to Mr knightly and Harriet marries to Robert Martin.

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