King Lear

King Lear is one of the most famous drama of Shakespeare. King Lear is king of Britain and in the start he decided to divide his kingdom. “Gloucester” and Kent are very kind and sincere with king Lear. Lear enters his throne room and commands his daughters  to say which of them  loves him the ... Read More

Jazz A Love Triangle

There is love triangle between violet, joe, and Dorces videt and joe are not satisfied with one another. They are living together in Herlem but are not happy joe sells ladies cosmetics. He fell in love with a seventeen years old girl named dorcas. They both meet when joee comes to Docas’s aunt to sell ... Read More

Arms and the Man

Raina a Bulgarian woman from a wealthy family, learns from her mother cetherime that the Bulgarian cavalry have won a battle against the serbs. Catherine says that sergins, Raina fiancé was at the head of the charge. Raina keeps in her bedroom. Louka, their servant, enters and warn Catherine and Raina that a serbs free ... Read More