A Tale of two cities

Lucie Monette a young arphan whose father, a once famous doctor whom she supposed dead, has been discovered in france. Lorry escrts Lucie to paris, where they meet defarge, a former servant of doctor monette, who has kept monette safe in a garret. Manette becomes mad and he spends all of his time in making shoes. Lorry assures Lucie that her love and devotion can recall her father to life.

The year is now 1780. Charles Darney accused of treason  against the English crown. An energetic lawyer named striver pleads darnay’s cse. Sidney Carton assists him that the court leaves Darnay. Carton finalizes his argument by pointing out that he himself bears an uncanny resemblance to the defendant. Lucie and doctor manette watched the court proceedings, and that night, Carton escorts darnay to a tavern and asks how it feels to receive the sympathy of a woman like Lucie.

In France, an unkind Marquis Evermonde runs down plebian child with his carriage. At that time, there was no law for the poor. They had no rights. At this accident Marquis shows no refret. Darney curses his uncle on his bad treatment murdered, by Jacques. After a year, Darney asks moanetle for permission to marry Lucie. He says that if Lucie accepts, he will reveal his true identify to Manette. Cartoon, also pledges his love to lucie. He says that he will give  everything though his life is worthless.

In paris, another English spy named John Barsad drops into dafarge’s wine shop. Madame Defarge sits in the shop knitting a secret registry of those whom the revolution seeks to execute. Darnay, on the morning of his wedding, reveals his true identity on manette. After nine days, Manette comes into his senses and joins the newlyweds on their honeymoon. Darnay assure carton that he is aways welcome in their home.

Defarge produces a letter in which she shows the cause of imprisonment of manette evermonde asked him to tend to a woman, whom one of the brothers had raped, and her brother had stabbed fatally. Manette was eye witness of all these misdeeds. That’s why evermonde had arrested him. Carton then visits Darney in prison, tricks him into changing clothes wth him. Carton disguised as darney, awaits execution. Then Darnay, Lucie, their child and doctor manette speed away from paris.

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