A Dolls House

It is Christmas Eve Nore Helmer enters her house after shopping or Christmas. Torvald Helmer, Nora’s husband comes out when he hears her arrive. He greets her joyfully. But he childs her for spending so much money on Christmas gifts. Torvald has get a new position at the bank.

Helene, the maid declares that Dr Rank has come to meet. At the same time, a Kristine Linde, a former school friend comes in to the room. Nora says that she hears the death of her husband. Kristine tells Nora that when her husband died, she wa left with no money and no children. Then Nora tells about her married life. She says that they were very poor and both had to work long hours. Torvald become sick and they had to travel to Italy for his treatment.

Mrs Linde says that for years, she had to care for her sick mother and her two younger brothers. Mrs Linde adds that she has no occupation. She hopes that torvald may be able to help her in getting job Nora says she will speak to Torvald about her. Then she reveals a great secret to Mrs Linde, Nora illegally borrowed money for trip to Italy and she told Torvald that the money had come from her father. Then she has worked hard and soon it will be fully repaid.

Krogstad, a low level employee arrives at Nora’s house and says to Torvald to give high position in bank. Torvald refuses to give him high rank. Then he meets with Nora and reveals the secret of loan. He states that torvald wants to fire him from his position. He asks Nora to use her influence to ensure that his position remain secure. When she refuses, Krogstad say that he has contract of Nora’s forgery of her father’s signature. Krogstad blackmails Nora tries Torvald return Nora to convince him not to fire krogstad, but Torvald will hear nothing of it. He says that krogstad is immoral man. He cannot work with such type of people Nora sits in her living room filled with anxiety. Mrs Linde comes and keeps sew Nora’s costume for the ball. Nora tells Mrs Linde that Dr Rank has a mortal illness that he inherited from his father.

Torvald comes, and Nora begs him to keep krogstood employed at the bank, but Torvald again refuses. Torvald and Nora argue until torvals send the maid to send krogstads letter of dismissal Dr Rank comes and tells Nora that he knows he is fall in love with her. Nora refuses to ask with her Nora refuses to ask Dr Rank for anything.

Nora is panic about the letter and she says to Miss Linde about the letter. Then Mrs Linde instructs Nora to delay Torvald from opening the letter as long as possible. Nora starts to practice the tarantella she sill perform at that evening’s cotume party.

Mrs Linde tells krogstod that she is in love with him. She says she will care for his children. Krogstad is over joyed and says he will demand his letter back before Torvald can read it and learn Nora’s secret. But Torvald reads the letter and becomes furious. He calls Nora a hypocrite and a liar and says that she has ruined his happiness. He declared that she will not be allowed to raise their children. Helene then brings a letter. Torvald opens it and discovers that krogstad has returned Nora’s contract.

Torvald becomes happy, but his harsh words that he used for Nora have triggered something in Nora. She says that inspite o their eight years of marriage, they do not understand one another. She says that Torvald treats her like a doll. She has no respect in her house. She leaves the house at once.

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